This journal uses double blind peer review (both the reviewer’s and author’s identities are concealed from each other during the review process). Authors are advised to prepare their manuscripts in order to conceal their identity and the author(s) do not receive the names of the handling editor and of the reviewers. During the review process, authors may obtain all necessary information about their manuscripts from the editorial office.

All papers are peer-reviewed.
Two reviewers’ recommendation is stated according to one of the three assertions below:
– accept without revision
– accept after (major or minor) revision
– reject

Stages of the review procedure:
– The editorial board evaluates the submitted papers according to the aim and major topics of the journal of Territorial Identity and Development. Papers that do not meet the aim and the major topics will be rejected. The editorial board act according to relevant international rules of publication and research ethics (COPE guidelines and Elsevier’s Ethics in Research and Publishing –Publishing Ethics Resource Kit) when ethical misconduct is suspected and proved;
– The editorial board does not correct any grammatical and spelling errors. Manuscripts containing such errors will be returned to the author(s);
– Manuscripts will be sent to two reviewers;
– The editorial board will take into account the reviewers’ comments when deciding the publication of the manuscripts;
– When a manuscript is rejected by one reviewer, the editors decide whether to contact a third reviewer or return the paper to the author(s);
– The author(s) must make the required changes and send a final draft as requested by the editors;
– Author(s) will not be paid for their published papers.


The Editorial Board of Territorial Identity and Development is inviting specialists (within and outside the academia) to become part of our team of reviewers. To become a reviewer of TID please fill out this form. Please send the completed form and your CV at the following address with the subject Reviewer for TID:

The editorial board will send a reviewer’s guide to the reviewers.

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