Fellowship intern STAR-UBB:

Excelență didactică pentru sustenabilitatea comunității academice și responsabilizare civică

13 noiembrie, 20 noiembrie și 29 noiembrie 2018


Descriere proiect cu tematică de regenerare urbană în Cluj-Napoca


Cei care doresc să participe vor completa formularul disponibil la acest link

Înscrierea este posibilă până pe 6 noiembrie (inclusiv).


29 noiembrie 2018: prezentare finală rezultate

Conf. univ. dr. Oana-Ramona ILOVAN – Prezentare rezultate

Fotografii de la prezentarea finală – 29 noiembrie 2018

Feedback studenți:

(1) Daniel Rusu și Daiana Horga

(2) Mălina Simioana



International Workshop on Urban Regeneration


Recycling Urban Voids in Post-Socialist Cities – Methods and Actions to Achieve Urban Regeneration

Workshop full programme


 Time: 31st May – 2nd June, 2018

Place: Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA (locations to be announced later)










Territorial Identity and Development

Workshop full programme 

Date: May 26, 2017, Friday

Time: 9:00 am – 18:00 pm

Place: Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA (“Babeş-Bolyai” University, Faculty of Geography, 5-7 Clinicilor Street)



Territorial belonging and territorial attractiveness are elements with strategic relevance for development at diverse levels: local, regional, national, and macro-regional. Therefore, territorial identity is important both for building the social capital so useful during the processes of development and territorial planning and for the cohesion policy in the European Union and in other macro-regions of the world.

The workshop offers participants the possibility to share their results of original empirical and theoretical scientific research on territorial identity as a resource for development. It offers specialists and practitioners with diverse backgrounds (Geography, History, Sociology, Economy, Administrative Sciences, etc.) the possibility of sharing their research results and best practice experience.

The workshop aims at creating a network among participants with common research interests.

Topics of interest

Territorial identity and community development (rural and urban)

Territorial identity and regional development

Territorial identity and territorial planning

Territorial identity and public policy

Research methodology for the study of territorial identity

 Organizers: Dr. Oana-Ramona ILOVAN, Dr. Kinga Xénia HAVADI-NAGY  (as representatives of the editorial team of TID journal)

 Deadline for submitting abstracts (400 words, no figures or tables): 25 March 2017

 Attendees have the possibility to publish their papers in the online journal:

Territorial Identity and Development (TID).